Trust me, Things Get Worse.
(In a nice, upscale restaurant, a large family is seated. There are
five people, a heavyset older woman in her mid 60s, a man in his mid
40s who is dressed up in Renaissance-style clothing, a woman who is
all but concealed from the world under a long black cloak, and two
young women, one who is in her early 20s and looks very nervous and
another who is an older teenager who is draped in colorful flowy
clothing and is carrying a fishbowl containing a very flamboyant and
beautiful fish.)

Emilie: A young woman with multiple personalities               Arthur: Emilie’s father
Rose: Emilie’s grandmother              Audrey: Emilie’s sister
Renata: Emilie and Audrey’s mother, Arthur’s wife               Waiter: A waiter
Pierre: A fish/Audrey’s lover

Rose: Audrey, dear, you know grandma loves you, right? And I would
never stop loving you no matter what?
Audrey: Yes, grandma, but why are you telling me this?
Rose: It’s just…well dear, why do you keep carrying that fishbowl
around everywhere? You are 18 years old, not three. Don’t you think
it’s rather childish? Continue reading