Hush and listen
To the whispering thunder
In the west
And watch the bubbling grey clouds
Float and swirl above us
In the last moments of sunset.

We’re dancing on the rooftop
Of the little empty building
That overlooks the necropolis.
And laughing in the face
Of the never-ending winter
That is coming for us.

As you hold me safe
Above the earth
We look out
Across the granite forest
Below us
And you take my hand.

The incoming storm
Has brought with it
The puckish sprites of winter
They skip around us and giggle
As they tickle us with their icy fingers
And playfully tousle our hair.

The trees around us
Sing in the air.
Rotting grass and faded flowers
Wave to us from below
They beckon to us from the graves
Like skeletal fingers reaching from below.

As the coming storm crawls closer,
A great metamorphosing beast
We lay here
And dream
The night